Robotics Club exposes students to specialization in mechanical industry


Robotics club is a new club where students build and create robots at their respected school and eventually compete at a yearly rumble against other high schools in the district. Although, robotics club is a fairly smaller and newer club, it provides opportunity and insight into the process of robot building.  

Students feel that it’s a place where they have the ability to do things that they can’t do anywhere else, and they definitely feel relief and a sense of accomplishment after everything is all said and done,” junior Lauren Horvath said.  “It can be stressful at times, but the end competition makes up for it.”

According to Senior Kyle Krinninger robotics club is interesting in that it’s one of few clubs that is mainly student led. There is no teacher making daily agendas or making the students cover a certain topic.

Teachers are only there to guide you when you need help, but everything that your team does is what your team wants,” Krinninger said. “This also means that you can be specialized and do what you know you like. Say, for example, you only want to do electronics or deal with the wiring, then you can only do that.”

Specializing tasks for students and a heavy workload contribute to the clubs overall success. Head club sponsor Kyle Pichik is well aware of the workload for the students in the club and is very proud and credits students for putting in the time and work which is needed for the robots.

“Most people wouldn’t know how much time and effort the students put into the creating the robots,” said Pichik.

Despite the students putting in  a tremendous amount of work, many difficulties can be faced throughout the process of building the robots.  According to Krinninger, teamwork and focus toward a common goal are the main drives toward the yearly competition.

It can be difficult to create robots as there are many components that have to come together and work with each other,” Krinninger said.

This year’s competition, Robot Rumble, is scheduled to take place Feb. 22-23 at BG.

Robot Rumble basically consists of as many robots you can fit into the arena to go against each other along with old computers, printers, automated toy cars that play pre-set rap music, anything,” Horvath said. “The robot rumble ends when all the robots are no longer working, or after a certain amount of time.”

Winning the competition is the ultimate goal each year. For students in this club it is bigger than designing and competing. Building positive relationships with teammates and trying something new could be the biggest assets kids can take away from the club.  

“In robotics club, we encourage trying something new and going out of your comfort zone,” Pichik said.