Cut the cord- the future of streaming is upon us

The wave of online streaming sites is here. Out with the T.V. outlets, and in with the streaming sites such as Netflix, hulu, amazon video  and much more. What makes some of these sites so popular are  binge worthy shows like Black mirror, Stranger things, House of cards, and Master of none. These Netflix Originals aren’t just binge worthy, but are also award winning shows.  At this years Golden  Globes Streaming, sites won five golden globes. The- commercial free hook bating content is what attracts viewers to so many of the shows.

“House of Cards was the show that got me hooked. After that I was always willing to give new Original shows a chance even though I rarely hear about the new shows before the pop up on Netflix,” media tech teacher William Hansen said. “I love the format they are delivered and I think the content of the shows are well written and have high production value.”

Once viewers give a show a chance they are more than likely to watch another show, and end up getting hooked on it.  

“Original shows have built competition for T.V. outlets,” sophomore Marissa Fauci said. “It has created better content for the viewers, and compete more with streaming sites.”

Original shows offer many different qualities compared to T.V. outlet shows. Different content that hasn’t been shown before. Also, original shows open up to a very wide range of age groups.

The fact that it contains new content that I’ve never seen is obviously what attracts me to original shows,”  senior Alyssa Paronia said. They include unique plots and fresh faces in the casts which is always enjoyable to watch.”

Ratings have been hit hard for T.V. outlets by these streaming sites and there fresh content , but they continue to deliver. The wide range of social media helps draw attention to some original shows. It helps bring focus on the shows which will lead to more viewers.

Social media has a huge role into promoting these shows. I would’ve never known about shows like Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why without the help of Twitter and Instagram,” Paronia said.

Many “stranger things” have gone into thinking how these original shows became so popular. The streaming sites promoting their shows on social media, the binge-worthy content of the shows and other reasons are how streaming sites cut the cord for most T.V. outlets.

The binge watching format is what got the shows attention and after that the streaming services were able to attract different TV personal to produce content for them,” Hansen said. “I also think the originals are shows that might not typically fit into a traditional tv outlet which also attracts a wider audience.”