Zach Fricke’s transition From BG baseball to Valparaiso University


While many senior athletes will be taking the field for the last time this spring, senior Zach Fricke’s baseball career won’t be ending so soon. Fricke committed to Valparaiso University to play Division 1 baseball at the beginning of his junior year.

Fricke is a four year varsity member of the BG baseball program. He has played at second base, shortstop and pitching positions, and has been a starter since his sophomore year. Fricke is also a three sport athlete, as he plays in golf in the fall and basketball in the winter.

He has worked hard not only at BG, but also doing various other training outside of BG,” Varsity Baseball Head Coach Tim Miller said. “The most impressive part is he has done this all while being a three-sport athlete for all four years of high school.”

According to Fricke, he still thrives the most on the baseball field. As a pitcher, his pitches consist of curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs, change ups and fastballs, with his fastball clocking in up to 89 miles per hour. But the athletic aspect of the sport isn’t all that interests Fricke.

“My favorite part about baseball has to be the chemistry you build with your team,” Fricke said. “Baseball has more downtime than other sports so it’s easy to become very close.”

According to senior captain TJ Constertina, who will have been teammates with Fricke for two years, Fricke’s contribution to the rest of the team is clear; he not only showcases immense talent, but great teamwork as well.

“Zach helps the team greatly with his pitching, hitting, and fielding,” Constertina said. “He also constantly pushes other players to work harder.”

BG baseball’s head coach, Tim Miller is also very appreciative of Fricke’s talent. He credits Zach with one of best performances he’s ever seen on a high school baseball field, referencing his pitching against Cole Kmet, Illinois High School Player Of the Year. Based on show outs like that, Miller has even higher expectations for what Fricke and the team can do this season.

As a senior, Zach is not only going to be one of the main guys for us on the field, but I feel we need Zach to step up and be one of the leaders of our team,” Miller said. “If Zach can develop a little bit more of an edge on the mound and realize how nasty he is, he will be an All-State pitcher for the Bison.”

Fricke is a standout player with a lot of potential left to reach. According to Fricke, he is very excited to expand as a player this season, but also hopes to continue to make amazing memories through baseball and is confident Valparaiso University will help him.

“I love the culture there,” Fricke said. “Everyone works their tails off at practice and it is also a very good academic school.”

Fricke never had a doubt that Valparaiso was right for him, as he announced his commitment November of his junior year, roughly a year before most athletes do. According to Fricke, although he is currently facing an injury, he is still just as motivated to start the next step in his baseball career.

“Unfortunately, I recently sprained my ankle which has put a little in my training, but I’m still pushing myself so that I can become the best I possibly can going into college,” Fricke said.