“Mario Kart Tour” races onto Apple and Android devices

  Recently, the new Mario Kart Tour game was released on all iOS and Android devices on Sept. 25th. For many gamers, this has been a huge phenomenon since Mario Kart originally was only available on  Nintendo devices and Wii. According to data-tracking intelligence Apptopia, the new Mario Kart Tour game reached over 10.1 million downloads on just it’s launch date alone, already setting records and putting it ahead of 2016’s Pokemon Go game which reached 6.7 million downloads on it’s release date. 

      Sophomore Serafina Petrusek is pleasantly surprised with the game. She isn’t generally interested in video games, but enjoyed Mario Kart after she downloaded it.

      “Playing it has definitely surprised me, I love all of the cool effects and colors,” Petrusek said. 

   For now, multiplayer isn’t available on the Mario Kart app, but Nintendo is working on making multiplayer a possibility sometime in the near future. It upsets many gamers that it hasn’t been done yet since playing with friends allows for new competition and fun. Though this may be a downfall for people in the gaming industry, the app also allows many unique features that aren’t accessible elsewhere like it’s colorful and engaging design.

    “I like the mobile version better as I can play it wherever I go,” Petrusek said, “I don’t have to worry about needing batteries or remotes.”  

        According to Petrusek, the control features are easy and adjustable for everyone. The easy buttons and settings are very handy when you open the app and aren’t familiar with any other games. Additionally, Petrusek claimed the app also does a wonderful job in explaining how to use the different controls. 

   Computer science teacher Amy Zaba heard about Mario Kart Tour recently from her students when it first came out. She thought it was really interesting because she herself grew up with Mario Kart, so it’s cool that students are playing something that she did when she was younger.

       “It’s cool to see the transition of a video game to an app that students can use and find fun and interesting,” Zaba said.

     Mario Kart has been around since 1992, and many know it as a game of their childhood. In the recent years Mario Kart hadn’t been mentioned much until Nintendo’s announcement on Twitter. This brought lots of excitement to the gaming world, bringing back nostalgic childhood memories. 

      “I’m not surprised at all that it’s become so popular,” Zaba said, “I think it hits a bunch of different groups of people and target markets, especially high schoolers, who really hyped it up.”  

    According to freshman Leslie Serrano she doesn’t personally play the game, but she’s seen and heard a lot about it amongst peers. She’s noticed it’s gotten popular very quickly, which surprises her a lot because of the crazy high number of downloads, in such a short period of time. 

 “I didn’t know the game was that popular. I think it will become a new trend,” Serrano said. 

     Although the game has only been out for a while, Nintendo has already made a huge and vast profit, so far amounting up to $12 million dollars. According to CNBC News, Mario Kart has set “sky high” expectations for the gaming industry. 

         “It’s crazy how quickly and popular a game can get in such a short amount of time,” Serrano said.