Feature flicks of the month: ‘One Punch Man’

Yustyn Kokor, Sports Editor

It is without a doubt one of the best shows of our era. “One Punch Man” has a rotten tomatoes of 100 percent. One punch man is packed with action while also parodying the many aspects of the genre of anime. 

The shows features Saitama, a superhero that doesn’t care about recognition or success; all he cares about is having a challenge. He is presented with an ability to defeat anybody with a single punch; so he goes about life wishing for an actual reason to keep going. This leads him to hide in the shadows of regular civilians and be his careless and silly self. 

The premise of the show is absolutely thrilling and the contrasts between Saitama and the other characters like his sidekick Genos are very entertaining. What I really enjoy about the show is that it can’t be categorized as one genre It is a blend of anime, satire, action and comedy. 

My favorite character, besides Saitama, of course, is his sidekick, Genos. He provides a dramatic juxtaposition with the viewpoints and values of Saitama. Genos is a very earnest character that gives it his all to try to approach the grandeur of Saitam’s might. Saitama on the other hand merely pretends to care and doesn’t take to heart what others think of him. My favorite part of the whole show was Saitama’s alarmingly mundain backstory. This element especially criticises the typical anime cliche that characters need to be incredibly dramatic and purposeful.

“Presents comically exaggerated villains, idiotic and incompetent heroes, and an accidentally powerful protagonist whose thriftiness and deadpan humor make him and this show is truly one of a kind,” top critic Maya Philips said. 

My only criticism regarding the show is that it changes directions with the second season and becomes less comedic, but it is entertaining nonetheless. 

“One Punch Man” is a great show for people that dislike anime, but are still curious about the genre. It’s also great for people that like to make fun of the genre because, in its essence, the show is a parody. I give One Punch Man nine and a half punches out of 10.