Computer science classes offer students challenge and opportunity


With our ever increasing dependency on technology, computer sciences has become an incredibly fast developing field. Through various classes at BG, students have the opportunity to learn how to program, code and learn the language of Javascript. 

        Different classes focus on different programming languages, such as Java in AP Computer Science and Swift in the class Intro to Mobile Makers. All offer valuable knowledge for future careers in computer science. 

        “I know a lot of jobs want you to have [coding] language experience and in each class your learning a different language of programming,” senior Bianca Jankiewicz said. “They are all different languages you can put on your resume and that will look amazing.” 

       The computer programming path way is divided into four classes, one for each year. Kae de Guzman is enrolled in AP Computer Science her sophomore year due to a coding program offered in middle school that allowed her to skip the first two levels. 

        “I’m pretty sure I haven’t got to the most challenging part yet in this class, but it feels like it’s getting more sophisticated and I’m enjoying that,” de Guzman said.

        Besides school, opportunities for learning programming and coding are available in the form of internships and even online programs, such as Coursera and Khan academy offering free courses.

        “There is so much online, tutorials and programs course you can take,” AP Computer Science teacher Tom Mroz said. “All you have to do is search for it. I have a student programming an  arduino board, a thermometer to take the temperature of water and there were many resources online.”

        According to Mroz, he tries to challenge students by never giving students the complete answer right away, allowing the students to use trial and error, often working in groups, in order to solve challenges on their own. 

        “I think that anybody can take the class, but you do have to learn how to be self sufficient,” de Guzman said.

         According to Mroz, cyber security, a topic often highlighted by the news, is one of the increasingly concerning aspects of technology. Mroz also believes the process of learning how to code and program can offer a fun and gratifying challenge for anyone, not only those looking to go into the profession. 

        “There should be a greater appreciation and better education of how this is affecting your life, and how it works,” Mroz said.          

        From ensuring the safety of a device to create a game of Flappy Birds with Swift, computer programming and coding can be used for many reasons and offer a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new. 

         “I think technology is such a huge growing field no matter what you do, if it’s engineering or programming, I think you should try out a class,” Jankiewicz said.