Em & M’s Book Nook: Nimona By Noelle Stevenson

Emily Luethy and Mikayla Kim


This is one of the very first graphic novels I have ever read. A reading goal of mine for 2020 was to start reading graphic novels. The goal continued to flourish after reading “Nimona”, and it inspired reading so many more. 

This story is full of fantastical elements that are a specific aid to the setting of the story. The setting where superheros and villians were living in the same realm   was probably my favorite aspect, since it added so much more of the fantasy element because of the different powers such as Nimona’s shapeshifting, or Ballister’s scientific experiments which result in magic. 

However, the characters like my personal favorite,  Ballister who had the most sarcastic personality were extremely fun to watch as well. From the villian training, to Nimona shapeshifting to save Ballister, it seemed like the entertaining drama would never stop. 

The pictures made this story all the more enjoyable, and I would quite honestly recommend it to anyone – even those who don’t like graphic novels, like my previous self. I rate it a five out of five stars. 



“Nimona,” by Noelle Stevenson follows the heartwarming story of a shapeshifter named Nimona as she becomes the sidekick and friend of the villain, Lord Ballister Blackheart. Set in a fantasy world where science and magic have merged to create genetically engineered poisonous apples and enhanced armor, Stevenson perfectly harnesses her creativity to write an original and comedic novel.

My favorite character was Nimona herself. She is drawn as a spunky teenager with colorful hair and begins as an “antihero”, eager to prove herself to Blackheart. But she quickly finds that Blackhearts “villainous” acts include coffee with proclaimed hero “Goldenloin” and robbing a bank to only give most of it back to civilians. While the book was very comedic, I felt that Nimona brought sincerity and depth to the book as she learned not only the value of friendship, but also the power of forgiveness and vulnerability as well.

Overall, I thought the book was creative and fun while maintaining an interesting plot and great character depth. I would give it a four point five out of five stars.