Em & M’s Book Nook: Valentine’s Day Edition

Matches made in Book Heaven

Happy Valentine’s Day, bookworms! In honor of the holiday, I have made some matches for BG’s favorite titles with similar titles you should check out.

If you loved “Long Way Down,” you should read the “Long Way Down Graphic” Novel

Several people fell in love with the heartbreaking story of Will in Jason Renyolds’ New York Times bestseller, but did you know that in late 2020 Renyolds paired up with artist Danica Novgorodoff to create a graphic novel version? It is absolutely beautiful and it is 100% worth checking out, even if you have read the regular edition.



If you loved “The Poet X,” you should read “Punching the Air”

“The Poet X” by Elizabeth Acevado is a super popular novel written in verse, so I thought it would only be fair to recommend another novel in verse, that in my opinion, is just as good. “Punching the Air”, co written by bestselling author Ibi Zobi and a member of the Exonerated Five, Yusef Salaam, tells the story of a wrongfully convicted Black man, much like Yusef’s own personal experience, as he figures out what he wants his life to look like. 

If you loved “The Hate U Give,” then you should read “Concrete Rose”

Angie Thomas’ huge hit “The Hate U give” has loads of fans, and it should totally make tons of those same fans happy to know that Thomas recently came out with a prequel following our main character, Starr’s father. It tackles the similar themes that made readers fall in love with Thomas’ writing, the kind of topics that really make you think. 


If you loved “The Fault in Our Stars,” then you should read “Sick Kids in Love”

Most people who love “The Fault in Our Stars” still hate how sad the novel is. No spoilers for either book, but “Sick Kids in Love” is definitely not as depressing, though the love story is just as good. You also have some amazing representation of rheumatoid arthritis and Gaucher disease as an extra bonus. 



If you loved “Scythe,” then you should read “Unwind”

“Scythe,” is a wild dystopian story that has captured the hearts of several readers, but several years before that book hit the shelves, author Neal Shusterman wrote another dystopian novel, “Unwind,” that is just as crazy. If you’re looking for even more after “Unwind,” you will be happy to know that it has three more books after it. 



If you loved “Ready Player One,” then you should read “Warcross”

“Ready Player One” is an amazing example of science fiction featuring video games, and so is “Warcross!” Both are so uniquely their own, which makes them all the more enjoyable. The two books have such amazing world building, as well as such complex characters that you can’t help but fall for. 


If you loved “Simon Versus the Homosapiens Agenda,” then you should read “Felix Ever After.”

If you are looking for a book with amazing representation, just like you have in “Simon Versus the Homosapiens Agenda,” then you should for sure add “Felix Ever After,” to your “to be read” list. It includes an amazing writing style that helps you fall in love with every single character, that just feels like a gigantic hug after finishing it.