Majority of BG teachers receive COVID-19 vaccinations


Left to right: Mr.Grybash, Mr.Branham, Mr. Miller after getting their vaccines

As it’s pretty commonly known, teachers are considered essential workers. This designation put teachers in the 1b category for the vaccination roll out.

District 214 allowed for those teachers who wanted an opportunity to receive the vaccination to either sign-up on their own or do so through the district. 

“My doctor told me it would be a good idea to get the vaccine when it was made available,” English teacher Matt Branham said. “ BG has suggested that teachers should get the vaccine, but it was my choice to get it.”

Although the majority of teachers at BG decided to get the vaccine, this was not a mandate by the district. For a variety of reasons some teachers have chosen to wait.Physical education teacher Jamie Domaracki has not gotten the vaccine yet.

“Because of timing, I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet,” Domaracki said. “ I would like to believe those in charge of producing the vaccine have tested and proven its effectiveness.”

Students, on the other hand, do not have as much of an opportunity to receive the vaccine yet.  Both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are for individuals 18 and older, while the Pfzier vaccine is for anyone 16 and older.

“I actually did have the opportunity to get my first vaccine shot. I work at a grocery store, so being able to receive such a prized thing means the world to me,” junior Sera Petrusek said. “I recommend the vaccine 100%. This is the farthest we have come to demolishing COVID and I hope no one would hesitate even for a second to get their vaccine.”

Some people have been experiencing side effects, especially following the second dose, however, these side effects seem to pass quickly.

My shoulder was a little sore from the shot, but that’s about it,” Branham said 

With the majority of teachers vaccinated and new CDC guidelines allowing for students to be only three to six feet apart, District 214 is encouraging students to return to the classroom beginning April 5. 

Decisions to remain remote or come back in-person must be submitted via a google doc form my Monday March 15th. While some remain uncertain about whether to return and/or get the vaccine when available, some, like Petrusek are glad to be just a little bit safer.

I was expecting myself to be more concerned with getting the vaccine, however, all my doubts fell away the moment I was receiving it,” Petrusek said.