Environmental club challenges BG community to be environmentally-friendly


Photo courtesy of Ari Duvel.

BG Environment club hosts a school-wide cleanup in honor of Earth Day.

On Thursday April 22 BG’s Environmental Club hosted a school wide clean up. They hoped to spread the club’s mission through this event. 

“The environmental club’s mission is to inform the Buffalo Grove community and help the community in environmental endeavors,” Junior Ari Duvel said. “When we clean up the BG campus, we are not only making the campus more pretty but also informing members of the high school of the impact that littering makes on the campus.” 

This specific event took place on Earth Day. This was also used as a motivation to inform people about the important message of protecting the environment. Additionally the club launched a week long social media campaign on Instagram @bgenvironmentclub with different challenges including encouragement to use plastic-free packaging, have a meatless meal, and to use environmentally friendly transportation. 

“We hope to spread the message of Earth Day by getting everyone back outside after a long winter and doing something great for the earth. As well as meeting other like minded people who are interested in learning about the environment,” Duvel said. 

Other events that this club has hosted in the past have included a coat drive in the winter, as well as a shoe drive in the spring. Due to Covid-19, all events are only a possibility, and will hopefully be back on schedule in the upcoming school year. Although, in regards to following Covid-19 protocol, the club has had to take a particular look at inside events and the exposure risk for students and staff.

“Depending on the future all events are currently tentative,” Duvel said. “The outside events are okay, but some of them are inside.” 

A healthy earth is extremely important for the country, the state, and the community. This club strives towards bringing everyone together to help spread awareness for keeping environmental issues under control, as well as keep everyone safe. 

“This is our earth, this is our community, everyone here at Buffalo Grove shares this campus, so it is our responsibility to take initiatives to protect the earth,” Duvel said. ‘I think that this event will provide BG students with the opportunity to do something meaningful on Earth Day and connect with others.”