The Best of the Bison

The Best of the Bison

Matt Wieser, Staff Writer

Hey Bison! This month we would like to present sophomore Danny Alfaro as the first Best of the Bison of the school year.

Alfaro is an avid part of our school community and is in multiple activities such as soccer, basketball, Bluecrew, cheer, and track and field. Since his freshman year, which even though most of it was spent in quarantine, he has made a name for himself at this school and become a big part of multiple teams. He has especially made an impact on the soccer team, as he was a Varsity player and was named All-Conference as an underclassman.

“It was rough at the beginning and the team wasn’t really in sync but  towards the end we picked it up and it got better in the long run,” Alfaro said. 

According to Alfaro he didn’t really care how he did individually; he cared more about the team and how things started to click for them after a while. Along with soccer all of his activities help to keep him focused and on track.

“These activities have been very beneficial towards me because they help keep me fit,” Alfaro said. “They offer an opportunity to improve myself with time management and allow me the opportunity for when I’m older to say that I did all these sports and activities and clubs.” 

In terms of his future, Alfaro wants to attend college and continue with soccer. 

“I think something in my future I want to do is pursue a career in business,” Alfaro said. “I also want to continue to chase my dreams of playing college soccer and staying in school allows for both those opportunities to happen”. 

According to Alfaro, his coach has had a major impact on his present and undoubtedly will on his future, too.

“ Coach Llewellyn is a very determined person who I believe has good intentions for me and our soccer team in general,” Alfaro said.  “He helped us out a lot this year with getting back on track to win games.”