a Capella groups delight with singing Valentines


Stefanie McCleish

Sing Your Heart Out: A few members of the different a Capella groups deliver a singing valentine on Feb. 14 during a second hour English class.

Who doesn’t love a good serenade from a friend or partner on Valentine’s day? Although it can be argued that most would enjoy an experience like that, not everyone has the kind of singing pipes as someone such as Adelle in which to impress.

Don’t worry! BG’s a Capella groups have got you covered. This past Valentine’s Day, they delighted many bison students and teachers with “singing valentines”. Purchased in the cafeteria, students and staff could select a specific song and list the name of the chosen recipient. 

“Singing Valentines ‘ACA Valentines’  are valentine grams that students could have bought from the choir program,” sophomore Evan Sternberg said.  “The student picks from a collection of songs, and a group of a cappella students will sing said song for the person they bought the valentine gram for.”  

With a number of songs to choose from, it appeared that the a Cappella members had a lot of work to do to learn all of the different songs.

“All a Cappella members participate in singing valentines, however, each a cappella student is assigned a group with two songs to learn,” Sternberg said. “Not everyone has to sing every song.” 

Although singing valentines have been around for years, the a Capella groups took over only recently. 

“I have been singing a Cappella at BG for less than a year now; I started this year.” Sternberg said.

How does it all work? According to Sternberg the process is extremely easy.

“Students fill out the singing valentine which determines who the valentine is going to and the type of song,” Sternberg said.  “The form also determines what group will go in and sing. The group will walk into the class period, announce who the valentine is for and from, give the person a carnation, then sing.

 This tradition doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so if you missed out in Feb. you can certainly order one next year. Follow @BGBisonChoir to follow all the different a Capella groups and find out more about their performances.