The ship has sunk for the Pirates (Cubs recap Saturday April 23 ,2022)


Ron Cogswell

“‘Wrigley Field — Home of Chicago Cubs’ Chicago (IL) April 2012”

The Cubs played Saturday April 23 on a beautiful day at Wrigley Field. Everyone was having a good time at the game because of the nice weather being that it was 80 degrees . However the weather was not the only good thing that happened. The Cubs won  the game 21 to zero. This was a full team contribution and one for the record books.  

The Cubs have looked somewhat impressive to start the year. Especially on the pitching side. Kyle Hendricks pitched seven innings and gave up no runs. He did a majority of the work and is the best pitcher starting the Cubs have to offer. But it was really the batting by the Cubs that was impressive. 

The Cubs in the beginning of the year signed Seiya Suzki to a five year deal for a 85 million dollar contract according to NBC Sports. He was a Gold Glove winner and a five time all star in the Japan Nippon professional baseball league. He went 3/4  on Saturday in one of his best Games as a Cub. Even if Suzuki does not hit the ball he’s almost always on base as taking walks is second nature to him. His on base percentage is still impressive at .409. 

 Other players also contributed as well in this thrilling game. Wilson Contreras also had a really good game getting on base 3/5 times. Alfonso Rivas also added to the game with a three run homer. He has been on fire so far this season batting average of 455 and  he currently has the highest batting average on the Cubs although it is early in the season.   

The Cubs struck early and they never looked back, scoring eight runs in the bottom of the second inning.  The final score was 21-0. They also batted in 19 RBI’s in their best performance this year. 

Not only did the Cubs play well and win by a large margin to say the least but they also set some franchise records.  According to an article written by Vincent Parize titled “The Chicago Cubs made history in a big Saturday afternoon win” he described the game as an “incredible performance.” “It was the largest shutout in Cubs franchise history since 1901.  Every single player in the lineup had one hit or more. It was the 39th time the Cubs have done this and first time since 2019.”  

The Cubs currently have a record of 9 and 13 and are in fourth place in the NL Central. Tonight they with faceoff in the first Cross Town Classic of the season facing the Chicago White Sox who also have a record of 9-13. Although this season has already seen its ups and downs, the Cubs are a team with a lot of potential. It’s too early to tell where the season will go, but this is certainly a team to keep an eye on.