Not skipping out on a high school tradition


Matthew Branham

Bernie the bison building BG pride.

In recent years, dances at BG have taken a turn for the worst. Unimpressive ticket sales and early departures are recurring, but this year should be different.

Homecoming is a time to let the fun out of you with great events the school offers. Not only the dance, but homecoming week in general is a really exciting time.

Going through a five day week with nothing going on can be tough sometimes, so come Homecoming week, the whole school is ready for a break. Activities during lunch, dress up days, an exciting football game and a high energy dance with your peers are only a few of the things that make this week special.

Class board advisor Jarred  Maddox has been working on freshening up the week as much as possible. According to Maddox, all groups are chiming in on great ways to improve homecoming week as a whole.

“There is something really amazing about Homecoming,” Maddox said. “After months of maybe not seeing each other in the summer, there is a chance to have a good time with your peers.”

In these first months of school, many of us are getting used to plenty of new faces around BG, so what better way to interact with new people than the best week of first semester. Don’t be shy toward the dance, even if you would rather go without a date than go single, or just get a big group of friends together. It  doesn’t matter who you attend the dance with, it is about how much fun you are going to have upon arrival.

An energetic DJ, popular music and tons of room for dancing are just some of the ingredients for a fantastic homecoming dance this year. Nobody is too cool to attend one of the greatest traditions in our high school lives.