“The Maze Runner” release has audiences racing into theaters

The action–packed film adaptation of James Dashner’s thrilling novel, “The Maze Runner,” is sure to amaze anyone who sets foot inside the theater. The main actors, Dylan O’Brien, Kalyla Scodelario and Will Poulter, fit perfectly into the mold of their characters and bring an unexpected touch to each one with their own personalities.

The trilogy alone has 175 thousand Facebook fans, plus another 95 thousand on the page pertaining to the film; it isn’t unfair to say that this movie was highly–anticipated by many.

The revenue–grossed in the opening week of the film alone would prove this. The movie was released on Friday, Sept. 19. According to Deadline.com, the movie came in first at the box office this past weekend, grossing a staggering $32.5 million.

Fans of any book series scrutinize for accuracy in film adaptations from the moment the title screen appears.

In the first twenty minutes of the movie, the plot touches on important points of the book but are not delivered correctly at first, irking fans of the book. Eventually, however, the plot becomes the pinnacle of truth to the novel, spiraling fans into the excitement.

One scene in particular turns the whole movie around for the better, and signals an entire change in tone.

The scene depicts the protagonist barely slipping through the walls of the maze to save his friends, despite breaking the rules by doing so. It was the first time one of the monsters in the maze was shown in the film and the image matched every aspect of the description in the book.

It gets even better when the Gladers find yet another Greenie in their midst a day later. Except this time it’s a girl, lying nearly dead in the box. Not only has there never been a girl in the Glade before, but she also carries a strange note from whomever is watching.

This scene is obviously a major turning point in the book and fans would be worried about its accuracy.

However, it was done so that the demanding emotions in this scene would come across just the way Dashner wrote them.

The connection the girl and Thomas are said to feel is there from the  moment she appears, and it leads viewers to question how they know each other despite having had their memories erased.

The ending was also set up enough to send all viewers into a frenzy to find out what would happen next. It leads the way for the next film/book in the series, “The Scorch Trials,” which was confirmed by none other than Dashner himself to already be in the making.

All in all, “The Maze Runner” is a pleasing portrayal of a well–loved and endearing story.

Anyone who watches this great movie will leave thirsting for more, or might even decide to read the book if they haven’t already. The adrenaline rush from this film will without a doubt stay with any movie–goer for hours after exiting the theater.