She said, She Said


Abbey’s Choice:
Yellowcard’s “Lift a Sail”

Featuring a wide range of intense and rhythmic beats, “Lift a Sail” identifies itself as a cross between the soundtrack to a dramatic romance movie surging with passion and an action–packed thriller dripping with suspense. My favorite song of the album, “Crash the Gates,” integrates a liberated–yet–wistful tone to the playlist. Lead singer Ryan Key opens the song with a powerful and demanding vocal arrangement, singing “And I won’t wait for my revenge, I will seek to see the end.” Later within the album, tracks such as “One Bedroom” start out delicately and relaxed before morphing into a powerful outro bursting with guitars and forceful vocals. Filled with an array of melodic violin instrumentals and electrifying guitar riffs playing in harmony with Key’s lyrical poetry, Yellowcard’s “Lift a Sail” both entrances and entices listeners from beginning to end.


What Ana said:

Yellowcard is the perfect example of a band that has matured with their new album, “Lift a Sail.” This album musically challenges their usual pop–rock sound, as demonstrated in Yellowcard’s “Southern Air.” The song “One Bedroom” was especially riveting because it had an unexpected twist. The short intro had an electronic beat that mimicked dubstep, which I found to be both unoriginal and displeasing. The beginning of the album had started off with an alternative rock vibe so a dubstep addition clearly sounded out of place. The lyrics in “One Bedroom” and throughout the album are transparent, easy to follow and simply true to one’s feelings. Yellowcard has a sense of Coldplay throughout their old albums, but “Lift a Sail” is a turned leaf as they continue with their musical career.


Ana’s Choice:

Weezer’s “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”

“Everything Will Be Alright in the End” is the comeback album Weezer fans have been waiting for. Weezer has a tendency to get personal with their albums, but in this album they included an apology in their songs for trying to be a band they’re obviously not. “Back to the Shack,” is an apology letter within itself when lead vocalist River Cuomo sings about fixing his band problems as well as relationships with his girlfriend and father. This album consists of exceptional chord progressions, mind–boggling guitar riffs and Cuomo’s vocals, which are clumsy in a flattering manner that accentuate the overall sound. This album deserves to be heard by both older and newer fans as Weezer assures that “Everything Will Be Alright in the End,” and it truly is.

What Abbey said:

Weezer’s latest album “Everything will be Alright in the End” is a great feel–good album for anyone who needs a little bit of uplifting. Featuring both relentless rhythms on the drums and striking guitar riffs, this album has proven to be one of Weezer’s better works. From the monster–riffed opener, “Ain’t Got Nobody,” to the infatuated ode of “Da Vinci,” it is evident that “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” is the one fans have been waiting for. For instance, vocal harmonies from guitarist Brian Bell are spectacular, and the use of dynamics to bring the song back down in its final verse, before punching out the chorus one more time, is sublime. “Everything will be Alright in the End” doesn’t just transport listeners to the best parts of Weezer’s younger days, it ushers them into their future. And, for the first time in a while, it’s looking pretty bright.