Halloween junkies leap from their skin in terror after being trapped in “13th Floor”

The infamous, terrifying 13th Floor Haunted House in Melrose Park


The infamous, terrifying “13th Floor” Haunted House in Melrose Park

The Thirteenth Floor: a haunting that will stay through the night.

The Thirteenth Floor haunted house located in Melrose Park is ranked one of the best haunted houses in the
state of Illinois, according to Hauntedhousechicago.com. That being said, it’s only natural to expect an especially horrific experience, but unfortunately the two hour long wait and the $25 weren’t really worth it in the end. Of course this attraction had its perks, but for only half an hour of modest scares it was proven that this haunted house’s hype was bigger than its performance.

The line to get inside wasn’t that long, but impatient thrill–seekers will find it most efficient to go around seven p.m., the haunted house’s opening, in order to avoid a lengthy wait. While waiting in the line, scarers give anxious customers a preview of what horrors lie ahead. The outside of the house seems to give off both intense and an intimidating, eerie glare, but once inside the house it resembles the ambiance of being at Six Flag Great America’s Fright Fest -appropriate for children ages eight and up.

Upon entering the house it’s almost pitch black and maze–like. When entering a new room a blood–curdling scarer would pop out to scare their victims. What’s different about this house was the fact that the scarers could actually touch the people inside. Obviously they couldn’t tackle anyone or cause any form of bodily harm, but they could grab wrists, ankles and poke the shoulders of suspense ridden customers. However, this wasn’t the best part.

Each room has a theme and scarers who went along with the theme. Themes included an abandoned hospital and a chainsaw massacre dining room. These were especially appealing and they made one feel nervous by simply being there. The people looking for a thrill would be walking and holding their breath, just waiting for a maniac to jolt out of nowhere.

One of the best rooms was actually titled sideways adding to the anticipation and anxiety in the atmosphere by being difficult to maintain balance in. On top of that there was a gruesome looking girl who was equipped with eerie shrieks while you felt as if you were about to fall out of the room.

The Thirteenth Floor is a quality haunted house. It’s hard to be scared when you know that’s what’s going to happen, but the Thirteenth Floor attempted to make an experience that’ll make one nervous on the walk back to the car.