Catino and Camardo share a bond that cannot be broken

Most teammates stop playing together after senior year, but seniors Julia Camardo and Caitlin Catino are a different story. These varsity softball players have both committed to the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater and will continue to play softball together in college.

Both Camardo and Catino started their BG softball careers as freshman playing on varsity. Camardo has been the team’s number one pitcher since freshman year and Catino has earned all–conference and all-–area honors all four years.

“They are great friends on and off the field,” varsity softball head coach Jamie Paul said.

The two have maintained a strong relationship throughout high school.

According to Paul, Camardo and Catino push one another to succeed, and are able to be proud of each other’s accomplishments. They rely on each other, and play for something bigger than just themselves.

“We connect really well,” Catino said. “We want to do good for each other.”

For them, their relationship makes softball more fun, which adds to their love for the game. They can count on each other for that extra drive on the field that comes from their competitiveness.

“It makes it a lot easier and we’re always there to support each other,” Camardo said.

According to Camardo, the bond she shares with Catino brings her comfort. She knows she has someone she can count on to understand how hard she has worked and who can relate to the challenges she faces on and off the field.

“[Your teammates] understand all the things you’ve gone through,” Camardo said.

According to Paul, over the past four years the two have grown into hardworking, determined people. They have also spent their time moving into the leadership roles of the team, and as always, they did it together.

“From being little freshman to being role models for people, it’s a cool feeling,” Catino said.

The pair found their high school softball experience fun, but are even more excited to transition to playing college softball. Camardo committed first, which gave Catino that extra push to commit to Whitewater as well.

According to Paul, the transition to college should be easier for the two since they have a good friend coming along with them. The two will be rooming together next year, which ensures they will still see each other off the softball field.

“I feel like it’s just going to make us feel a lot more at home,” Camardo said.

According to Camardo, the two will miss playing softball at BG, but are ready for a big change in their environment and lifestyle. One thing they know for sure is that they will have each other along the way.

“We have a good bond that you really don’t find, it’s just different,” Catino said.