Winter Guard is back for its second competitive year

Phoebe Rusch, Entertainment Editor

After over 20 years of the team’s disappearance, Winter Guard, the winter season of Color Guard, is back for its second competitive year. The first year of Winter Guard was not competitive, as it was just for the team to get an idea for what the season would look like competitively. The last time BG had a Winter Guard was from the ‘80s. 

The team is part of the Midwest color guard circuit and they go to competitions in the area. They are planning to go the championship, although not through IHSA. According to Trunk, they only went to three competitions due to the season ending early last year, and now they are planning to compete in five competitions. 

“It’s really cool to see how much the team grows when everyone starts off brand new,” Trunk said. “Many times in sports, students have been doing the sport for years before they join the high school team. Color guard is different.”

Last year was also their first competitive season. This year, they are planning to go to competitions in Schaumburg, Naperville and Algonquin.

“The competitions are really nice,” junior Haley Durso said. “You get to watch other winter guards perform and it’s really fun.” 

This year, they also had cuts, as a normal team amount would be 12-15 members, in which 15 tried out and 12 made in. For each competitive season, they also do a theme, this year’s being “Rocket Man” by Carol Kay. They will be getting a tarp, which will be a background of the moon and costumes will be space themed.

“I know it’s going to be a fun experience,” Durso said. “I just really enjoy [Winter Guard], it makes me happy.” 

The main difference between the fall season and the winter season is how they perform.  In the winter time, the team uses flags and dances indoors, as Color Guard normally dances outdoors with the band playing their live music. Technique and dancing skills become more important, as the team’s work is being judged.  Dancing far away on a field is one thing, but dancing on a stage up close is another and team is ready to improve their skills and technique.

“The skill level has improved drastically,” sophomore Emma Pavlik said. “I feel like we’re more connected as a group.” 

 After the end of their second year of the competitive season, the team has gotten second place during these Midwest color guard circuit competitions. They have gotten second place at Hersey, Stagg and Naperville. 

 “I want to get first place at least once,” Pavlik said. “Last year, at every competition, we got second place, which is still amazing.  But this year, I want to kick it up a notch.” 

With last year’s competitive season being an introduction to what future seasons has to come, it seems that the team will only continue to improve their skills in their dancing. 

“For me, I want to know that they gave it their all and had a great season at their last performance,” Trunk said. “Their own accomplishment is what makes it worth it.”