Cheerleading determined to having another exciting and competitive year


The BG cheer team is back for another year of injecting team spirit into fans and competing to be the best squad in the state. After three impressive years to date, the fans can’t wait to see what the cheer team has in store for this 2014–2015 season. A new batch of seniors hope to lead the team to another spectacular year.

With last year’s seniors Jaclyn Zirngibl, Sarah Ricciardi, Lexi Marsh, Megan Coan, Faviola Mendoza, Brandon Gooden, Bryan Fuertes and Dan Kabakov graduating last year, the team hosts a relatively young roster. Head Coach Jeff Siegal will look for this young team to work together and come out strongly.

“We are going to miss our seniors from last year,” Siegal said. “However, we have a great core group back for this year, who are strong and determined to win.”

Recently, cheer has been able to accompany teams on the sideline to not only pep up the crowd, but also to practice many stunts and pyramids. Along with providing spirit and support at every football game, cheer recently made an appearance at a Bison soccer game. This was the first time soccer was able to play with the cheer team alongside them.

With its young roster this year, cheer will look to seniors Amy Walters, Lauren Castleman, Rachel Nehring, Caleb Jones and Lauren Hintzman for leadership. According to Hintzman, the team’s lack of age is a non–factor with their great chemistry.

“As a team we are close to each other, which is crucial in a sport that involves so much trust in one another,” Hintzman said. “We are a family.”

According to Siegal, although competition season has not yet begun, the team has been working on many different stunts and pyramids during practices. In recent years, the sport has gotten much more competitive which means more complicated moves for the cheerleaders to perfect.

“We have a bunch of kids who are really positive and are working hard to fight this year,” Siegal said.

Cheer is ready to compete this year and even has a team slogan to prove it, WE ARE BACK.