Fresh from the Fest: All things sports, one last ride


BG Bison

Boys cross country and other athletic teams celebrate various senior nights. These festivities will continue through out the athletic year.

Jake Festenstein , Sports Editor

Every athlete can remember the moment they first fell in love with their sport. Individuals practice for years in order to finally be able to play for their school. However, going into senior year, it may be the last time many play the sport they have devoted so many years of handwork to excel in.
Beginning at such a young age, sports give many young boys and girls the chance to belong to a team and show off their potential. This is why senior year happens to be so special. Having played the sport for so many years, not having it in one’s life anymore may be a hard adjustment.
“I have been playing volleyball for as long as I can remember,” senior Monica Browne said. “Just thinking about not playing anymore is weird to me.”
When considering it is your last year of this sport, many thoughts rush into one’s head, one of which being that this is the last time an individual will represent their school.
Playing your favorite sport on behalf of your school makes it special. Not only do you want to play well for yourself, but you want to play well for the team and for the teammates you have grown up with every step of the way.
Senior year is your last chance to do just that. During one’s underclassman years, it is hard to understand what senior year is like. You may be thinking oh I have so many years left, i’ll be just fine. When you reach that final year, however it becomes real that this will be your last year putting on that blue and orange.
Some of the lucky few will have the opportunity to play sports later in life whether through varsity college sports, intermurals or a club. But this last senior year may be the chance to finally achieve your goal.
It’s the last year to settle that school rivalry, the last year to take your team far into playoffs or just the last year to play with your favorite coach or teammates. Seniors will try to get the most out of their last season, which is why you see so many senior athletes strive to be the best.
“Senior year is more than just the last year of playing your sport,” senior football player Logan Kelly said. “It’s about ending something that will remain special to you for years.”
When the clock strikes zero to end what will be your last time ever, remember all the powerful memories you had, and never forget these great years.