The newest addition to video announcements: a weekly mukbang

Students around BG have recently been questioning why student announcements have disappeared and instead converted to speaker announcements by Dean Micky Dees. Video announcements have officially been cancelled and mukbangs are now taking its place.

“Once I heard that mukbangs were replacing the video announcements, I instantly signed up for the spot,” sophomore Mook Kie said. “To guarantee my spot in the mukbang, I even started taking the ASMR prep classes at BG because they mentioned that ASMR was also an aspect in generating a successful mukbang.”

Every week, a new type of restaurant gets the privilege to sponsor the mukbang in exchange for the students rating the food at the end of the announcements. It will also now also feature a challenge where students have to eat in pure silence, shoving food down their mouth.

“I remember I almost got kicked off of one the episodes we were filming for the mukbang because I didn’t have a mouth full of food while I was speaking,” Kie said. “It’s dangerous. They even threaten to take away your lunch period.”

Ranging from kitchens to bathrooms to the computer lab, mukbangs will now be filmed in a variety of locations.

“I’m so excited,” senior Bin Gee said. “ I finally get to ignore all the signs in the computer labs that read ‘no food or drink near computers.’”

Every week, the shelfie display of books in the library will now be filled with famous food mukbangers have eaten. Whether it’d be an uneaten chicken wing or crumbs of a cake left, a display will always be readily available.

“My favorite food that has been stored in the mukbangers display has been an extremely cheesy super spicy ramen dish that weighed a whopping ten pounds,” Kie said. “I will forever cherish that day I got to eat one fork-full of ramen because I couldn’t handle the spice.”