TikTok to begin charging a monthly membership fee


In a shocking announcement, TikTok revealed they will soon start charging users for their popular social media app. The cost per month will start at $1,000 for a basic membership.

Teens fear they might have to resort to going back to reading books, playing outside and even talking to their families. What is the point of learning dances like the “renegade” if you can’t show them off on TikTok?“Really TikTok?” popular influencer Alla Boutmyselv said. “You know we pretty much keep you in business, right?”

According to TikTok, they have to start charging due to inflation and the current high gas prices.

“We understand that it may be challenging for some people to pay,” chairman Dolla Bills said. “But if we know anything, we know our users LOVE a good challenge!”

Critics of the move state that the company should be charging only for ridiculous videos such as dogs watching Sponge Bob instead of punishing users who provide important content like lip syncs and animal voice overs.

Physics predict that it’s likely that other social media platforms like SnapChat and Instagram will likely follow suit with subscription prices. It seems that Facebook will be spared from this price gouging, though.

“Facebook? You want us to go on Facebook,” Boutmyselv said. “Ew, no.”