Sunny-D orange juice is discovered as effective gasoline alternative

Sunny-D orange juice is discovered as effective gasoline alternative

The popular citrus drink Sunny-D has long been a favorite among Americans for decades, but now, its uses have been discovered to be far more versatile than simply for human consumption. A group of oil scientists have spent the past months doing experiments to figure out if any alternative substances can take the place of regular gasoline (petroleum) oil. 

Sunny-D was made aware of this discovery and has pledged to ramp up their speed of production and to open new citrus farms to support the increased production speeds. Most of these farms will be located in the state of Florida. 

“We just want them darn gas prices to go down” spoke a Florida resident. “I’d plant ten million orange trees in my own backyard if it meant saving this glorious country from robbing the public of their own money”. 

Now, lawmakers and government officials are suggesting that citizens reduce spending money on the delicious orange drink for personal consumption, so that it can better be used for powering vehicles.

A reason study from the department of environmental science has actually stated that the vehicle emissions from citrus powered vehicles is nowhere near as bad for the environment as gas powered vehicles. That means this breakthrough could be exactly what we’ve needed for years.

Gas stations across the country will begin rolling out the sales of Sunny-D over the next few weeks. The long term effects of using Sunny-D  as a gasoline replacement is not yet known, but it is safe enough that all 50 states have approved its usage. 

Whether or not other citrus products may work as alternatives is still being looked into, but a group of scientists believe Minute Maid lemonade could be another successful alternative. On top of that, a dairy production company has said that yogurt may also work as fuel, but only the kind that comes in the plastic tubes, better known as “Go-Gurts”.

Keep a lookout at your local gas station for when this new environmentally friendly gas option becomes available for sale. An unexpected discovery in the science world may just be a “sweet” new revolution.