Bison to become the new Wildcats


Our 2003-2004 babies all grew up with the famous high school musical, waiting for the days that we would get to high school and live out our own HSM. Unfortunately, High School Musical wasn’t real, and instead of bursting out into songs in the middle of hallways we sat at our desks taking tests after tests. However maybe High School Musical will be a possibility for our next generation. Rumor has it that High School Musical 4 will start filming this upcoming October at Buffalo Grove High School. Due to the famous East High (where the first three movies were filmed) being under construction all of 2022-2024. 

Musik Hal the director of the famous iconic movies has been eager to start this project since early 2019 but due to the pandemic was unable to start filming until this year. When he heard the devastating news that East High was under construction he thought his project had come to an end, but then he remembered his dear old friend principal Dan Tsmoves. 

Turns out that Hal and principal Tsmoves who both attended East High in the early 70s, were lifelong friends and had kept in touch ever after high school. 

When Hal remembered his dear friend was the principal of Buffalo Grove High School he reached out and asked if he could use the school for filming next school year. At first principal Tsmoves turned down the idea, however when Hal offered him the part of Coach Bolton due to actor not coming back; Tsmoves had no other choice but to negotiate. 

Hal is so excited to start filming his production next year, and has even offered more of our administrative staff spots as background dancers for the big numbers. He’s also willing to add incoming freshmen next year as extras in some of the scenes. Our administration could not be more excited for the upcoming High School Musical 4.

“ I was in my late teen years when High School Musical came out, and I remember buying the Wildcat Cheerleader outfit as a joke for my Halloween costume. I secretly wanted to be in the production so badly, so when I found out that the next movie was filming at our own school I was so thrilled and offered myself as one of the background cheerleaders. I just have to find the costume in my attic,” English teacher and cheer coach, Cherry Leader said. 

Unfortunately our class of 2022 never got to live out their High School Musical dreams, but the class of 2026 hopefully will! Time to introduce the new Wild Cats…. the Bisons! You heard it from me first!