25% Tax Hike leave Apple customers perplexed

Greed. Money. Fortune. That’s what Big Fruit is all about – whatever it takes to maximize a profit. But have they finally gone too far?

Even though there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, what hasn’t let up is how tight money is for many families. So, as the Apple tax has been raised by 25%, many expressed their concerns: 

“I love apples, and I could never make the switch to the new-fangled green robot one, but I’m not sure I can afford apples anymore”, Jim Took said. 

Concerns over prices are widespread and noticed, as senior Teave Robs, a specialist at Big Fruit had seen over the past couple days. 

“All the customers do now is come into the store and complain about prices! I can’t do anything about it, of course, because I don’t control those prices,” Robs said.

Complaints aren’t the only thing Robs has experienced as well. When some of the complaints aren’t met with a fix, Robs was faced with unhappy faces. 

“Just a couple days ago an old man had walked into the store and demanded a cheaper product,” Robs said. “I had to tell him that it wasn’t possible, which he didn’t like. So he quickly turned around, took a huge bite, and ran off!” 

Customers aren’t the only ones complaining too, evident as Big Fruit’s stock tumbled 156% this Tuesday. 

As many demand for these products to be lowered in price, there is an alternative: keep the one you already bought. The new Apple products might be more recent, but just because the one you bought two years ago is outperformed by this year’s product, it doesn’t mean it’s unusable.

“Keeping your iPhone for another few years doesn’t make it unusable, and on the plus side, you aren’t spending an extra 25% to get a new one!” Took said.