Big Controversy Over Teacher Cookies VS Original cookies

Three weeks ago, the lunchroom chefs decided to pull a prank on the students and turn the fresh chocolate chip cookies into cookies with all of their favorite teachers’ faces on them. The students were thrown off ,wondering  “what happened?”, “Are these cookies even safe to eat?” Many wondered if this was some kind of subtle test. 

“Wow, the chefs are really going to do us like that,” Chawky Chippy said.  “People loved the other cookies and it’s just weird now.”

The students were not happy. The general consensus was that “They don’t even make these cookies look appealing”. Prices will now be based on feedback.  The higher the rating the cheaper the cost of that teacher’s cookie. The cookies can range anywhere from 50 cents to five dollars.

“We wanted to switch some things up, we wanted to try to get the kids more interested in the cafeteria options,” Chef Money Man said. “This is a great way for staff members to get feedback as well.”

Pretty quickly students realized the better the review, the lower the price.  Both teachers and students began to rate every teacher 10/10, but some of the prices remained the same.  Student journalists discovered that the lunchroom staff has a connection to the site and has been going in an editing reviews to keep prices up.

“My ratings have been through the roof,” Tea Chur said. “I had no idea my students were so fond of me.”
Due to a lost trust in the system, however, many students have begun boycotting the cookies all together.  Some have even been getting large quantities of cookies at Costco and are selling them on the side. 

“We just wanted the hot, fresh, soft, right out of the oven cookies” Chippy said. “We didn’t ask for all of this drama.”
Some teachers have full embraced their new fame and are supporting the administration’s’ decision to keep the teacher cookies in rotation.
“I have to admit it was a little weird at first,” Chur said. “Now, I buy them for everyone I know, birthdays, graduations, etc. They make the best gifts!”

It doesn’t look like these cookies will be crumbling out of the cafeteria anytime soon. In the meantime, the student body continues to have a major chip on their shoulders.