Social app TikTok gives BG students another avenue to take

After some deep consideration and research by the administration, BG will be the first school in the district to allow students who are TikTok famous to report to school by noon instead of the other students who must report by 8:15. This will take place next school year, which begins Aug. 13. Additionally, a TikTok class will be added for TikTok users to learn new dances which will count as PE credit. 

“This is honestly the best idea [the administration] has ever come up with,” True Living said. “I didn’t think that anyone would see my videos I made, but, I began getting hundreds of likes, thousands, tens of thousands, people started sharing it on Instagram and I kind of became viral.” 

In order for the administration to know if a student is TikTok famous, they will ask the student to show them their account and videos. According to the administration, for a student to be considered TikTok famous, they must have over a million followers, at least 1,000 likes on each video, and must participate in every TikTok challenge and partnering with users with more followers in playful duets that showcase their talents.

“I made a duet with Loren Gray, who has 39.2 million followers and 2,208 likes on each video, and it was a blast but also exhausting, considering the hours we put into the video,” Living said.

Similar to Living, TikTok user, Basement Fox said it takes several hours for him to plan his next videos due to the fact that, the song must be popular and the dance moves need to be in style which is why the late start is necessary.

“I don’t go to sleep until 4:30 AM,” Fox said. “There are multiple studies out there that state that, people like us need to sleep at least eight hours for us to perform our best and keep making viral videos, which is why going to school at noon fits our schedules better”.

According to Fox, having a TikTok class at school is a great way to utilize the school day more efficiently than having PE ,which isn’t essential for them whatsoever.

“Ever since I was in middle school, PE wasn’t for me because all we did were pushups and sit ups which isn’t necessary to make a viral video,” Fox said. “In fact, taking this class will make us more viral and make even better videos.”

Staying TikTok famous is a lot of pressure, especially when all of your fans expect you to post the best video ever. With all of this pressure, TikTok teacher Treble Clef was certain next school year the stars will be in good hands.

“Absolutely, I’m here to help these kids become TikTok famous to the point where they are recognized worldwide,” Clef said. “I watch TikTok videos every night before I go to sleep and take copious notes to see what works and what doesn’t and for a fact, this class will be very educational.”