Em and M’s Book Nook: Storm the Lightning Fairy by Daisy Meadows


When I first laid my eyes on this month’s Book Nook selection, I was instantly enthralled by its beautiful cover. Then, I decided to read the back of the book, and my excitement only went up further and further. Unable to stop myself, I ripped it open and started reading immediately. 

The plot of this novel starts with our two main characters Kirsten, and, Rachel, about to say goodbye, before departing to their two separate hometowns. That aspect made me feel so connected to the story. For instance, what would I do without my own best friend, Miki? It really added that extra emotional element most books leave out. 

My favorite character is none other than the iconic Storm. Her entrance was captivating, gluing my eyes to the page, wondering what else she could possibly have to boost the plot. She didn’t disappoint. 

Soon, the focus shifted. No longer about the girls’ moving mishap, but to a real – life goblin. The huge goblin tried to kill Kirsty and Rachel, and even my girl Storm. My heart pounding every second with the fierce imagery the author used to draw attention to every single detail is what I liked most about this book. 

This book is seriously a five star read, and everyone needs to get a copy instantly. Here’s even a link to shop for it on Amazon, so it’s easier to find.



I must say, Daisy Meadow’s latest rendition of her rainbow magic books, “Storm The Lightning Fairy,” left me concerned.

The plot was simple: Rachel and Kristy save a fairy from goblins who are trying to steal a feather. But I couldn’t help but feel the author’s angry aura seeping out of each page as our two favorite BFFs make some questionable choices. With sentences like “both girls looked up in wonder as the lightning flashed,” “Rachel, Krisy and Storm watched in amazement  as the dinosaur lifted its head with the struggling goblin still in his mouth,” and “RRRROOOOAAARR,” I was confronted with a deep, personal conviction—why are Kristy and Rachel acting so abnormally creepy? Is Daisy like, ok? Clearly the book had more plot holes than any amount of fairy dust could fix.

And then the goblins. Bound to be ceaselessly bullied, tripped and mercilessly laughed at. I thought that these were stories of friendship,but it is clear to me Kristy and Rachel are the real conspiring troublemakers. And so we must all ask ourselves, who is the true villain in Fairy land?