Newly-added parking garage stimulates student motivation

With the frequent occurrence of acid rain, cyclones and dust storms in the surrounding areas, BG has decided to remove the basin parking lot permanently and instead replace it with a newly built three-level parking garage.

People tend to feel vulnerable in parking garages, so in an effort to incorporate light and open spaces is ideal. This parking garage features an all-glass exterior and an inner courtyard, complete with a waterfall, creek and used-glass curtains. An innovative ramp design ensures that up traffic and down traffic never have to cross paths, as previously learned by the traffic jams in the school hallways. 

As another addition to the parking garage on the lower level of the school, it will also offer valet parking for students. A central robotic arm is able to grasp any type of car within its arms and place it on the designated level. Once the school day is over, the mechanical platform brings cars down to ground level back to their owners. 

“I’m so glad that I will have someone to park my car for me,” Lam Burgeeni said. “Although I’m a senior and I have had my license for three years, I still don’t know how to park my car properly between two lines, let alone on an angled space.”

When a student receives an A on their classwork, they will automatically get a free car-wash. Incentives like these are able to encourage students to study hard and do well in their classes in return for pluses and advantages in the parking garage. 

“Our cars are our most prized possession and the fact that I’m able to direct my school work in hopes of a closer spot to the exit is all that matters,” Fer Rarri said. “Now, I care so much about my classes and the grades I receive. I need that car wash.”

However, students that do not perform well in school will need to pay for other students’ gas. They may need to buy them a whole new car or take their whip for a spin because it may get rusty during the school day. 

“I will never forget the time that I had to pay $100 for a Tesla’s gas,” Mersuades Bends said. “Or that time I had to hold his parking spot for him and sleep in his spot at night to reserve it in the morning.”

The new parking garage also has a track that allows students to drive their cars around. Therefore, if a student receives a perfect grade on their essay, they are allowed to choose any car that they want to and go on a spin during the day. 

“Somehow this kid took my car and crashed it into three other cars in one whole day,” Porscha said. “But then again, I got a new car the next day because that same kid failed Spanish.”