raises awareness for Nov. 1 to become a non-attendance day


Students know the feeling, waking up on Nov. 1, getting up and looking around at their room, candy wrappers spilling out of their pillowcase, costume on the ground looking lifeless, their neighbor’s stolen pumpkin beside them and their homework on their desk untouched. 

“I mean we get the day off for Presidents’ Day,” senior Jack O’lantern said. “So I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t have Nov. 1 off, considering Halloween is more of a night holiday.”

Due to all of the controversy that occurred this past Halloween, the BG administration saw the petition on as a potential scenario of a zombie apocalypse coming and decided the day after Halloween will be a non-attendance day moving forward in order to give students a day to recover after feasting on candy and to avoid by being eaten alive.

“I’m not sure why it took this long to make Nov. 1 a no school day but I’m definitely happy now,” sophomore Squad Ghouls said. “I understand Halloween in general is not considered a federal holiday, but it really doesn’t start until school is out and then we celebrate until the night is over and the administration doesn’t want to get on my nerves.”

According to geometry teacher, Stan Bymee, he thinks this a great idea for all students to have the day off so they can get unfinished homework done, get more sleep and just to have another day to recover from the stress of school.

“Definitely because the next morning comes and you went to bed late, and it’s so noticeable,” Bymee said. “At school, the students’ productivity levels are down, the effort is gone, and everyone is singing halloween songs during class.”

According to O’lantern, last year on Nov. 1, he had an AP Physics test that day and he didn’t study the night before because he was out with friends. When he was taking the test he was exhausted, the test looked like a foreign language, and he wrote his answers in Spanish.

“Yeah, I remember that test like it was yesterday because I failed that so badly,” O’lantern said. “Half of the class wrote their answers in Splingish and the teacher wouldn’t stop laughing like the Joker, it was a nightmare for sure.”

With that being the case, teachers like Bymee promised to make Nov. 2 a “load management” day in which they will review the material they learned on the day of Halloween instead of moving on to learn new material.

“I think it’s in the best interest of our students,” Bymee said. “I want my students to succeed in their educational careers. By reviewing material for a day isn’t the worst idea, especially since they won’t be 100% focused on Nov. 2”.

With this taking place starting next school year, students are already wearing masks and hoods to school, demanding to have the full week off.  

“I wore my Scream mask with blood to school,” Ghouls said. “I will be protesting against the administration until they get the message, that us students work to hard.”