Students now allowed to bring their own desk of choice to school

BG has recently to heard from teachers and students about the issues students are facing with some of the desks. Some complain that desks like the ones used in the English rooms, some of the science rooms and social studies rooms are just too small and inadequate to put down anything without different items falling off.

        “I just think we should have those desks like they have in elementary school,” freshman Tito Jimmy said, “They had a large surface area and even room to put things inside the desk.”

      According to English teacher Jenny Johnson, she sometimes  catches students before class switching up the desks to have the larger one. As seen in some English classes, the desk sizes are inconsistent. One desk is a lighter wood and is larger, while the other desk is a dark wood and very small. 

       A poll taken of BG students opinion on whether or not they like the small, dark wood desks shows that out of 500 people, only 16 voted yes. 

    When students went to the principal’s office and confronted him about the issue, after long consideration the school board came up with a new initiative. Now students will be able to come to school with their own desk and size preference.

   “I really like this idea, though I think they should mention that the desks shouldn’t be abnormally big so everyone fits in the classroom,” Johnson said.

     Students who decided to bring their own desk from home must bring a chair as well. They will have to carry their desk from period to period and then at the end of the day they must take it home with them. The school board hopes that with this new privilege, students can focus on their school without a scantron falling from their desk while taking a test.

    “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen something fall from one of those dark desks,” said Jimmy, “I just can’t wait to bring my desk to my classes and finally get the space I’ve always wanted.” 

     This new plan will start taking place next year at the start of the school year. Every student will be handed out a slip to take home for which they are obligated to get their parents/guardians permission indicated by a signature. Students will be subject to carry their desk from class to class whether by hand or with some other transportation that is accepted by the school board. 

       “I’m excited to see the students have a proper space for their learning and even more excited to see their happy faces next year when they come to school with their own desks,” Johnson said.