Local middle schools offer high school dances in response to Prom cancelation

On April 1, the administration announced that Prom is cancelled as a COVID-19 safety precaution. Many juniors and seniors are very upset about this cancellation.

“I am very upset about this cancellation,” junior Dan Ze said.

Luckily, three local middle schools are coming to the rescue! Cooped Up Middle School, Paris Middle School and Tommy Middle School are offering three separate Proms to juniors and seniors in response to the Prom cancellation.

To maintain social distancing policies, each student is only eligible to attend the Prom hosted by their former middle school. They will only be able to bring graduates from the same middle school as dates—outside dates will not be permitted. Official middle school diplomas must be displayed to purchase tickets.

“It is crucial that the middle school diplomas are official,” Paris Middle School principal Adminny Strayton said. “If they do not have my signature, the student can forget about Paris Middle School Prom. And trust me, I can sense a forgery from a mile away.”

Tickets can be purchased for $20 outside of each respective middle school between 1-2 a.m. on weekdays before May 19. The Proms will be held in each middle school cafeteria on the night of graduation. Seniors must decide between attending Prom or their graduation ceremony.

“This should not be a difficult decision,” Strayton said. “You have already attended a graduation ceremony when you graduated from middle school. Most of you have never been to a Prom before, and this might be your only chance.

Cooped Up Middle School, Paris Middle School and Tommy Middle School will not have enough funds to host their annual eighth-grade dances because of the Proms. To express its gratefulness, the BG administration offered to host an eighth-grade dance in a Prom-style venue: the football field.

“I did not think I would be able to go to a high school dance as an eighth grader,” eighth grader Mid L. Skool said. “I am totally psyched.”

This is an excellent arrangement for all parties involved.

“This is excellent,” Ze said. “It is an excellent arrangement for all parties involved.”