Who Let the Dogs Out? BG!

Who Let the Dogs Out? BG!

Emily Luethy, Features editor

A new special day is coming to BG: one where you can show and tell your very own furry friends, in person. After students showcased their cats and dogs on Zoom this past year, the administration decided to make their own pet-themed holiday. 

“We were inspired by seeing everyone’s pets on Zoom,” school administrator Jack Russell said. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to meet the furry friends who were always causing chaos on computer screens.” 

Dogs and cats are both welcome, but they are certainly not the only pet species invited. It is an open invitation to anyone who attends BG. Teachers are also welcome to bring their furbabies, the only requirement is that you bring only one animal.

“I am most excited to bring my bearded dragon because everyone has asked about what it is like to have one, so now I get to show people,” junior Ty Ger said. 

This event will be taking place during Homecoming week.  It will serve as a replacement for one of the dress up days.

“I think that not dressing up as a video game character is a fair trade off for getting to bring your pet to school,” freshman Cati Piller said.

This special event will only be a half day. Administration believes that it would be almost impossible to keep everyone under control for a full-length day.

“Students will be showing off their pets in their first period class,” Russel said. “We are trying to keep it as organized as possible.”

In case students have an allergy to certain pets, there will be a secluded room for them. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

“I really appreciate the fact that they are making this a fun day for everyone,” Cati Piller said. “I am allergic to dogs and cats, so it’s nice that they are still accommodating others.” 

The main goal of the event is to have fun with friends, while also showing off your prized pet. It is a nice fun change from the normal festivities that occur around Homecoming. 

“I really hope that this will become a tradition,” Russell said. “I feel like this has potential to be an awesome event.”