Teachers vs Students.. Who Will Win?

Teachers vs Students.. Who Will Win?

 On March 17 BG Administration announced there will be a Teacher vs Student dance off in the gym at 5 p.m. on April 1. 

Senior Ballet Moonwalk came up with the idea when she was in hybrid learning and spoke with one of our teachers, Math teacher Sashay Illusion, and it turns out she was once a professional dancer. 

“I am a dancer myself so when I heard she also was, it gave me an idea that we should have a safe socially distant dance off,” Moonwalk said.

Moonwalk explained how their dance off will feature early 2000s songs and recent hits.

“Students and teachers will have the option to vote on the next upcoming song in the gym so everyone can hopefully listen to a song they like,” Administrator Jazz Floor said.

Many teachers and students already signed up for this: 14 teachers and 14 students will be participating but everyone can come spectate.

“I will be participating in the dance off because it seems like a lot of fun and I’m excited to show off my dance moves,” junior Technique Turn said.

Depending on how this dance off goes, the administration would be looking to do this every year. 

“I love this new idea Ballet Moonwalk came up with since it will bring a smile on people’s faces during these tough times,” Illusion said.

If someone wants to they can bring their own personal bean bag chair in case they get blown away from everyone’s fire dance moves. 

“Everyone should also stay six feet apart with masks and follow CDC guidelines,” Floor said.

“I also got a degree in dancing along with my teaching degree,” Illusion said. “I also danced with my college dance group, so I think it’s great I can utilize my dancing expertise.”

Popular songs from artists like Tap Hip, The Modern, and others will be suggested. 

After every round everyone will vote on if the teacher or student won.

“I’m sure students will win because we know the most trendy dance moves,” Turn said.

The winning team will all get mini trophies as well as crowns they can wear to school the next day.

“I’m so happy my vision got brought to life and I can’t wait to see everyone’s dance moves,” Moonwalk said.