BG Student Almanac for 2021

  1. The average precipitation is predicted to remain 48 inches. (Not including human tears).
  2. Weather forecasts will now only report current weather conditions (for accuracy purposes).
  3. The best season for planting avocados in Illinois remains never.
  4. The number of UFO sightings is predicted to decrease by .04%.
  5. The number of new invasive species of insects that’s size is more than four times the native species is predicted to be 0.
  6. Average nail growth each month is predicted to be 2.5mm. 
  7. The number of toiletry shortages will most likely be zero. (Recent update: in light of the Suez Canal incident, the amount has been revised as “probably no more than one”).
  8. The amount of days predicted for the month of April will most likely be 30, possibly 31.
  9. Cable TV will make a sweeping comeback rendering subscription services virtually useless.
  10. The color vermilion will be the most popular color of 2021 or it might be purple.
  11. Beware of the courtyard squirrels, studies show, they do in fact have teeth.