Vaccine infuses individuals with superhuman abilities


As we all know, this global pandemic heightened the awareness of the many different types of vaccines available. Now there is yet another new vaccine is dubbed the ‘Superpower Vaccine’ and some people have been experiencing symptoms like never before.

People have been experiencing symptoms such as flying, super-smelling, x-ray vision and more. English teacher Wiff Anderson at Star Reachers High School says that he had some smelly situations after he had gotten the vaccine.

“To me, I have had some interesting symptoms I would say,” Anderson said. “My coworkers and I have gotten it and we have all had ‘superpower symptoms,’ but each one of our powers seem to be different. When I got home that day I felt a bit of tingling my nose and when I woke up the next day I could smell a dog’s breath from panting across the street.”

Even though Anderson said that he had super-smelling symptoms, some students like sophomore Andrew  Lansberry at Open Skies High School said that he had no signs of ‘superpower symptoms’ after getting the vaccine.

“I work outside of school and I had the opportunity to get it,” Lansberry said. “I’ve heard that some people have gotten symptoms like mind-reading or being flexible, but that is not the case for me. Sometimes I wish that I had gotten symptoms like that but just to have the opportunity is super enough.” 

In some cases, like Andrew’s people might not have any signs of symptoms but biology teacher Flora Peterson at Open Skies says otherwise. 

“I have heard of these symptoms but I haven’t gotten them until recently,” Peterson said. “Last night, I kept having these episodes in bed where I would randomly float out of my bed. Since then I have learned to managed it… wait no here I go again! SO I THOUGHT THAT I WAS JUST HAVING A DREAM BUT WHEN I PINCHED MYSELF AND OPEN MY EYES I REALIZED THAT I WASN’T. I WAS JUST LAYING THERE AND A LITTLE WHILE LATER I WOULD GO down and I think it would be done but I would just go up again! I LATER FOUND OUT THAT IT WAS A SYMPTOM OF THE VACCINE AND I HOPE I CAN LEARN TO CONTROL IT, but for now I can’t.”

Since the’ superpower symptoms’ are going around, students like junior Annabelle Johnson at Star Reachers have been debating on whether to get the vaccine or not.

“I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet,” Johnson said.“ I know that there have been a wide variety of symptoms reported, but I compare this to a fingerprint or a snowflake. I am thinking of getting it, but I haven’t made an appointment.”

Even though this new type of vaccine to the COVID-19 virus is currently being investigated for superpower like symptoms, there has been no direct link between superpowers to this vaccine. If you are considering getting this vaccine, mentally prepare for it.

“Yes. Sometimes it’s really hard for when I am eating meals or trying to do work Peterson said. “I work from home thankfully so it’s not too distracting. Sometimes when I’m lounging around it is kind of nice to be floating. It’s kind of like when we were kids and we always wanted to have superpowers and now look at me I have superpowers now! YAY I fulfilled my bucket list! At 34.”