BG’s upcoming mandatory talent show creates concern


This year, to lighten up the mood, BG will be hosting a talent show through Zoom. With complications due to COVID-19 regulations, this talent show will be the week after spring break in everyone’s eighth period class. It is expected that everyone participates and shows off something that makes them unique.

“This year’s talent show will be like no other because every student will have to bring something to the table,” teacher Jen Yus said, “We encourage students to show any talent whether it’s a simple dance move or something crazy like how fast you can eat a whole box of pizza in one sitting.”

Although exciting, some students worry that having to include everyone may cause stress and anxiety in students who are not comfortable. 

 “I myself am excited to present my new trick that I learned in my karate class, but I also understand that being in the spotlight isn’t for everyone,” freshman Eyeam Debast said. 

Anyone who is not willing to participate will be getting marked cut from the class and will be sent a note home to their parents. According to Yus, the whole point of this show is for us to get to know each other and create new bonds. If a large amount of students chooses to not partake in the activity, it will ruin the whole point of the show.

“We strive for this to drive connections and to create a judgment-free zone in our classes,” Yus said. 

 Any kind of recording, picture-taking and messaging will not be tolerated. Cameras will have to be on and students should ultimately set aside their phones and give their undivided attention to students presenting their talent.

“I’m just worried that some students won’t have a talent to show,” Debast said, “I know that some of my friends are concerned with this and don’t want to be embarrassed.”

According to Yus, for students who don’t have a talent to show the class, they’ll have to unmute themselves and sing a song of the teacher’s choice.

“We hope that this talent show is a huge hit and may inspire some of our neighboring schools to do the same,” Yus said.