BG students get unique service opportunity helping the Suez Canal boat get unstuck


Recently, local students were informed that service hours were available for this problem that has been impacting shipment that is traveling through the Suez Canal. A boat called  “Ever Given” got stuck on the canal on March 23. On that exact day, they were requesting help from young minds to come and help get this cargo ship unstuck. 

There were two students from BG that had their parents sign a permission slip to be sent to Egypt to go help them create a plan to get this boat unstuck.

The two students along with many others worked on solving this problem for about a week. According to sophomore Blue Bay there were some challenges along the way.

“It was definitely more physical than other community service projects I’ve been involved in,” Bay said. “It was also hard to figure out how to solve the problem without damaging the ship.”

Junior Coral Cove explained that the climate made the project even more intense.

“The heat made it worse with all the hard labor we were doing,” Cove said. “We spent most of the week trying to push the ship ourselves, but then they finally brought in some heavy machinery.” 

The students worked from 7 a.m. until midnight each day and received a total of 10 service hours for the week.

“I did not get as many service hours as I was expecting from the trip,” Bay said. “But it was still the experience of a lifetime!”