Haunted Halls: Poltergeist Discovered in Elevator

Haunted Halls: Poltergeist Discovered in Elevator

Christina Aguilera, Staff Writer

BG High School is under attack by paranormal activity? Yes, the rumors are true, ghosts now plague the halls of our school. Multiple sightings have been reported to the principal and students and staff are spooked.

One reported sighting involves the elevator near the library opening at the second floor level by itself with no one waiting to get on or off.  

A professional ghost hunter; Ghoula Mare agreed to be interviewed after checking out the school to report her findings. This is what she had to say: 

“I have determined that yes in fact, the school is very haunted, I would have to say most likely by poltergeists,” Mare said.  “Lights flickering in the cafeteria, recordings going haywire during  announcements and unprompted hard lockdowns… All acts of  poltergeists for sure.” 

Using hightech ghost seeing equipment, Mare and her team were able to capture an image of the poltergeist exiting the elevator in question. Mare said it was one of the most demonic looking poltergeists she had ever seen. 

In a note found in the elevator, the poltergeist appeared to take issue with some of Mare’s methods. 

“I’ve encountered Mare and her team before,” Ghos Ty wrote. “She clearly has something against poltergeist and frankly I have had enough of her criticisms. Can’t a ghost simply haunt the halls without all these issues?”

According to the administration, they are encouraging teachers to use this as a learning opportunity and teachable moment.

“Teachers can have students research poltergeists to learn more information about them,” Principal Noah Worees said. “I’m picturing ghost hunts, dress like your favorite ghoul day, and maybe even a new ghost hunters club. We’re gonna finally go viral!”

Ty continued in their letter to comment on all the newfound attention.

“I’m glad that poltergeists are finally getting the recognition we deserve, but all we want is to scare the daylights out of everyone,” Ty worte. “Just let us be dead in peace.”