Construction to be continue forever at BG

Construction to be continue forever at BG

Construction is being done all over BGHS. It can be loud and distracting at times, but it will be all worth it in the end. Or will it? Rumor has it that construction will be a constant staple at BG from now on.

“Yea, so like it’s cool and all of how they’re redo-ing everything but isnt it like too much? I mean like the roofs are done but everything is still up there?”  Sofa Plaza said. “Like are they just gonna take it all down and redo the roof again? And what’s going on in the English department, like what was wrong with it before?” 

Although the construction sounds and constant dust can be distracting for many students and teachers, district administration says the data shows it actually improves academic performance.

“Our research has shown that the sound of drilling and hammering actually helps students to do better academically,” administrator Bytha Numbers said. “So, our plan moving forward is to have some kind of construction happening at all times, even when we don’t really need to!”

Some students welcome the constant disruptions citing a solid excuse to miss more school.

“Yea, I couldn’t care less, I mean school can even potentially be delayed because of the construction right?” student William Goer said. “I  really don’t care, in fact keep it up I don’t wanna be here.” 

Even the construction workers are pleased with the constant work.

“Meh, who cares. We’re taking our sweet time cause we can. No one is pressuring us,” Bob Dabuilder said.  “Plus the kids love it. I mean we’re allowing class to be disrupted and they can watch TikTok at top volume without being caught.”

In terms of what is next on the list for construction administration seems to be looking at demolishing some of the brand new spaces.

“We will probably redo the pool again, the library and the Math/Science area,” Numbers said. “Sure we JUST redid them, but we will have to make sacrifices if we want to keep this construction going.”