New Illinois now requires all students to take a fifth year of high school

As of 11:23 AM, the Illinois board of education has decided to require a fifth year of highschool for all future students and students currently enrolled in any Illinois high schools. This has caused an uproar around the state and worry around the country, as students from other states are concerned about this ruling moving through the country and affecting them. 

“This is wack”, student JoJo Bartholemew said. “I just want to be done and move on with my life.”

Supporters of the move state that many students struggle to graduate highschool, and this can greatly affect these same students when entering universities. An extra year of highschool will allow students to better prepare for life after high school. 

This last year, however, will not be like the others. The only required class a student must take is Speech, which will be a full year now instead of one semester. If a student has already taken the course they will need to repeat it.

All other classes will be electives, surrounded around what the student will major in once they enter university. 

“This system will allow students to explore their passions before having to spend thousands on schooling,” some random politician said. 

While there has been an uproar from students about an extra year of schooling, authorities believe they should welcome the opportunity and embrace it. The students who are in their fifth year of schooling will also affectionately be called “Super Seniors”, a name formerly given to students retaking their fourth year of high school. 

This new change greatly alters the way high school will be experienced for years to come. Whether the benefits outweigh the negatives remains to be seen. 

“No,” Bartholomew said. “Immediately no.”