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Marshall: Chadwick Boseman stars as real life superhero Thurgood Marshall

Taiah Guess, news editor

January 10, 2018

Initially I honestly didn’t care about this film, I assumed that it would be a reenactment of the same story I’ve heard every February of my life :I thought that this would be an afterschool special about equality and disc...

Yearbook pieces together school year one page at a time

Emma Manukian, entertainment editor

December 12, 2017

All school year, Yearbook club gathers as a class in A172 to design the yearbook from cover to cover to display and commemorate a wide recap of what this year has held at BG. Starting with 200+ blank pages, Yearbook aspires t...

Social media bridges linguistic gaps between Native and non-Native speakers

Parul Kumar, editor-in-chief

November 27, 2017

The English language has been twisted, translated and most recently, tweeted more than any other in the past decade. Social media has become a facilitator in the spread of English across the globe and for non-Native speakers, a ...

VeganMania hits the teenage diet to offer more eating choices

Parul Kumar, editor-in-cheif

November 20, 2017

A list of America's favorite comfort foods includes the following: pizza, mac n’ cheese, chocolate, ice cream, chips and hamburgers. Each contains some strain of animal product and yet, there are alternatives that do not. ...

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